Minnetonka is a fantastic place to live.  The parks, trail and natural resources are nearly unequaled in the area.  The community is strong with good jobs and strong employeers.  The City has great employees and has a well respected reputation with its peer cities.  All of this is because of the great staff and leaders that the City has been able to rely upon over the past many years.  That said, the City does have some challenges ahead of it.

AGING IN PLACE - The City continues to age - and that is a good thing.  This means that the people that live here want to stay here.  To help with that, we need to make sure the city can accommodate that aging population with housing that is well suited for older residents.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING - Not to be overlooked, the City also needs to help assure there is housing that is affordable for families that are interested in the housing market in Minnetonka.

MAINTAINING THE CITY - As is the case with all established cities such as Minnetonka, maintaining the infrastructure of the City is important.  This includes not only the streets, buildings and water facilities, but also the parks, trails and natural resources.



Next Steps...

Please contact me with your willingness to volunteer to help me get elected.  Also please consider donating to help cover the costs for my campaign.